Window Graphics

A striking window display attracts the attention of people both walking and driving past, and research has shown that displays, signage and lighting dramatically increase sales. Signtech has a wealth of knowledge to help you create the perfect window display to draw customers into your premises. Our team will carry out a survey of your premises and present you with viable options that suit your budget.
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    Windows are a versatile and cost effective solution and help you reach your target audience … as seen here with Manna Boutique
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    Windows are everywhere and are the perfect way to engage and let passers-by know what your business is promoting ... 100% Health Store is one of our favourites … super creative and informational!
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    Whatever you are promoting, we have something for you, be it banners and posters through to large scale graphics ... still time to view the Jacksons CI sale
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    You can achieve many effects with frosted films … as shown here at The Anchor Club
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    Every window display is unique and designed to inspire and reach a target audience. With this in mind, placement is key ... nice example here with Bauformat Jersey
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    Give attention to the detail and excellence will follow! Wall graphics and window manifestation detail can make a big impact on production in the workplace and help create a more positive ambience … as seen here at Jersey Water
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    Using your windows to advertise not only lets clients know what you have to offer, but also provides privacy, creates more shop floor space and keeps the inside cooler
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    With summer on its way, are you aware of some of the benefits solar film can give you? Reduces glare, protects from UV, adds aesthetics, reduces energy bills, makes windows stronger, protects from break-ins, enhances privacy
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    From material options to complex designs there are many chooses for your windows
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    We offer custom window graphics for any location that can grab the attention of your customers
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    With a little imagination you can create great effects with vinyl
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    Bright vinyl graphics make the most of your windows.
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    Etched vinyl can be used to provide privacy and promotion in shop fronts.
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    The use of this Solar film in this way creates a balanced room climate in summer and reduce heat loss in winter. This allows for comfort and cost-saving benefits in domestic and commercial environments, such as private households, museums, courts, administrative buildings, public facilities, sporting grounds, retail outlets, educational establishments, etc.
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    Satin Crystal may be used in most interior applications and many exterior decorative and display applications.
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    Light Silver Frost  is a semi-opaque, matt, calendered film that is suitable for use on a wide variety of clean, dry surfaces but which will primarily be used for window application.  
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    3M cast films designed to create unique, special effect applications for windows. These dusted crystal films have the uniform appearance of etched glass, the frosted crystal ones have the appearance of sand-blasted glass.
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    3M Clear View Graphic Film is a perfectly transparent printing film. The film can also be used inside buildings, enabling architects and shopfitters to implement creative design ideas combined with functional purposes.
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    Silver Frost may be used in most interior applications and many exterior decorative and display applications where an etched glass or matt effect is required on a glass substrate, primarily window decoration.
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    Solar tint is practical and effective in reducing glare and excessive heat, and it can cut energy costs and reduce the harmful UV radiation that fade interior materials. It can also subtly add character and style to a building.