Illuminated Signage

Explore the world of lighting to maximise your brand’s impact. Signtech brings you years of expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of illuminated signage. Our product range includes LEDs, neon, trough lighting and more.
  • Illuminated Signage 3 
    Environments should be welcoming and interesting and Aston Services Ltd have certainly achieved this with their entrance hall ... bespoke printed stone wallpaper and colour changing sign. We love it!
  • Illuminated 2022 - 2 
    Fully qualified staff give you the insurance that things are fitted and checked and ensure all is safe for all.
  • Illuminated Signage 2022 - 1 
    Lightboxes are a great way to improve your visual communication and are ideal for exterior and interior spaces … as seen here at The Club Hotel & Spa, Jersey
  • Illuminated Signage - 2020 - 4 
    Explore the world of lighting
  • Illuminated Signage - 2020 - 3 
    Make you signage stand out with adding lighting
  • Illuminated Signage - 2020 - 1 
    There are many option to a build a letter up … here are some built-up sunken face polished gold stainless steel letters featuring opal LED acrylic letters
  • Illuminated Signage - 2020 - 1 
    Edge acrylic effect ... shining LEDs through clear cut substrates
  • Illuminated Signage 45 
    Customise your neon sign and bring them to life In Neon  
  • Illuminated Signage 44 
    When designing your illuminated signage remember it needs to not only work at night but also the day … L’Horizon features oversized acrylic letters
  • Illuminated Signage 43 
    This illuminated signage shows how to create an ambiance with oversize opal back trays illuminated with LEDs.
  • Illuminated Signage 42 
    Somethings are simply better manufactured in neon.
  • Illuminated Signage 41 
    Illuminated Signage comes in many shape and sizes and this projecting sign is built within the fascia, stencil-cut with inlaid opal acylic and is internally illuminated with LEDs
  • Illuminated Signage 40 
    Old school from the 80s ... illuminated light boxes with inserted opal acrylic, still been manufactured and installed today.
  • Illuminated Signage 39 
    From static signs to electronic digital signage, Signtech can offer you the most comprehensive selection of custom illuminated options, bringing great impact and providing effective advertising day and night.
  • Illuminated Signage 38 
    External illuminated signage provides some of the most eye-catching forms of branding available.
  • Illuminated Signage 37 
    Illuminated Signage is a great way to get noticed and this bespoke shaped design with internal steel support features stencil-cut illuminated detail.
  • Illuminated Signage 36 
    When thinking about exterior signage and illumination remember the projecting sign ... it may just reach a larger audience than the sign above your shop.
  • Illuminated Signage 35 
    A simple light box with applied 3M matt vinyl detail reading LILIQUE, a nice way to brand.
  • Illuminated Signage 34 
    Illuminating your signage shows you are open for business and helps people remember your brand.
  • Illuminated Signage 33 
    From survey to installation and maintenance Signtech have the experience and team to carry out your project.