Exterior Signage

Whether you are a big multinational or a small start-up, your façade is a key factor in communicating your brand. Signtech has been designing, manufacturing and fitting all types of exterior signage for over 15 years. Our experience enables us to give free advice leading to a cost effective and long lasting advert for your company or building.
  • Exterior Signage 6 
    Bespoke premium exterior polished stainless steel letters reflect like a mirror and weather well in our environment.
  • Exterior Signage 5 
    It’s a wonderful sport for everyone ... why not try out padel this summer at Island Padel?
  • Exterior Signage 2022 - 4 
    A good example of how to use quality, sleek signage to display your business name and entrance with style! Seen here at Capital House.
  • Exterior Signage 2022 - 1 
    Located in a beautiful setting at Jersey Zoo is the new Durrell Charity Shop ... Reuse Recycle Rewild!
  • Exterior Signage 2022 - 3 
    Menu and display cases can be custom made or bought ‘off the shelf’ … both are available illuminated or non-illuminated and are a great way to provide customers with information
  • Exterior Signage 2022 - 2 
    New bikes and a new fascia for Mansell Motorrad at The Mansell Collection … looking good
  • Exterior Signage 2022 - 1 
    Stylish and modern … bespoke stainless steel signage for office and home. Designed, manufactured and installed by the Signtech CI team.
  • Exterior Signage – 2021 – 2 
    Design and layout are crucial to let your brand sign and message have room to breathe. With subtle back lit letters on the fascia and inserted acrylic on the projecting sign, all nicely finished with edge lit window displays to give that high class look.
  • Exterior Signage - 2021 - 1 
    Built-up flat faced letters and logo, manufactured out of descaled stainless steel and finished to colour, installed with rear stand-off stud fixings.
  • Exterior Signage - 2020 - 6 
    Indoor and Exterior signage available both for long and short term
  • Exterior Signage - 2020 - 5 
    Built up letters and branding featuring warn whaite halo LED illumination, installed on granite
  • Exterior Signage - 2020 - 4 
    When designing your fascia, remember that people of all ages will view it
  • Exterior Signage - 2020 - 3 
    Uplifting yet subtle exterior signage
  • Exterior Signage - 2020 - 2 
    Placement of wayfing signs are paramont, our team are here to advice
  • Exterior Signage - 2020 - 1 
    There are many different materials … here are some built up flat faced Mill Finished Copper Lettering
  • Exterior Signage 90 
    Stainless steel lettering can instantly modernise any exterior.
  • Exterior Signage 89 
    Individual stainless steel letters featuring a small return add that touch of style to a building
  • Exterior Signage 88 
    Modern material designed to give a traditional feel as featured here at The Hungry Man
  • Exterior Signage 87 
    Are people walking past your business without seeing you? This shopfront not only features illuminated fascia and projection signs but also has maximised its windows but still allows you to see in.
  • Exterior Signage 86 
    Monolith (or Totem) signs are eye catching and project company branding and logos. These vertical signs are available single-sided, double-sided, flat, curved, triangle or even bespoke shaped