Bespoke Wall Coverings

Check out the incredible selection of Architectural Finishes available HERE.
  • Bespoke Wall Coverings 
    Using foliage and lighting to enhance your brand … with natural textures seen here at Jersey Zoo
  • Bespoke Wall Coverings - 2020 - 1 
    Looking for creative freedom, texture and style? Then explore the many options of 3M DI-NOC for your surfaces, furniture, walls, doors and much, more. Give Signtech a call to discuss your options #Refresh #Renew #Renovate #3M #EndorsedInstallers
  • Moss 
    Moss - A zero maintenance, biophilic wall…
  • Rust 
    Rust - Wallcovering for an industrial look…
  • Birch & Moss 
    Birch & Moss - Completely bespoke so get creative!
  • Brick 
    Brick - Authentic and eco.
  • Concrete 
    Concrete - Wallcovering for a cool & contemporary look…
  • Charred Timber 
    Charred Timber - Real planks or textured wallcovering gives an authentic oriental feel…
  • Woodwool 
    Woollywall is great if you need acoustic panels!
  • Cork 
    Cork - Add natural texture, colour and sound absorbency…