Bespoke Car Styling

A world of endless possibilities…


A reminder to all vehicle owners that DVS requires the owner of a motor vehicle to update colour change on the registration document. This includes full wraps (with or without door shuts) and partial wraps for all vehicles. There is no cost involved, and the team at DVS are happy to advise.

For more information, visit or call (01534) 448 600

  • Bespoke Car Styling 2022 - 2 
    A new look for the new year … from advertising your business on a van, through to color changing your car, Signtech CI can help and support you with your choice.
  • Bespoke Car Styling 2022 - 1 
    When it's custom car detailing you are looking for, we have endless options to help you with your vision
  • Vehicle Graphics 2022 - 1 
    Innovative wrapping by the Signtech CI team … taking vehicle wrapping to the next level!
  • Bespoke Car Styling - 2020 - 5 
    Headlight protection film with its excellent shock-proofing properties it protects the headlights against chipping, scratches and car wash brushes.
  • Bespoke Car Styling - 2020 - 4 
    Headlight protection film with its excellent shock-proofing properties it protects the headlights against chipping, scratches and car wash brushes.
  • Bespoke Car Styling - 2020 - 2 
    Experience a world of brand options that our wrapping teams can offer
  • Bespoke Car Styling - 2020 - 3 
    Paint protection films, engineered to offer a high level of protection from forceful impact, typically as a stone chipstone guard protector in the automotive industry.
  • Bespoke Car Styling - 2020 - 1 
    There are many wrapping techniques to create your final look.
  • bespoke-car-styling-5 
    The devil's in the details for this Aston Martin.
  • bespoke-car-styling-1 
    The technology behind vehicle wrapping has developed so rapidly in recent years that it’s now possible to achieve extremely complex effects and designs. The possibilities are truly endless, allowing you to fully customise your vehicle and make it one of a kind. All wrapping services are provided by our 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapping partner and come with a two-year guarantee, assuring you the highest quality materials and workmanship.
  • bespoke-car-styling-4 
    FULL-COLOUR CHANGE TO SUBTLE DETAILING, Sometimes, less is more. You can go big and completely change the look of your car, or if you love the colour already but still fancy something a little different, we can design and apply subtle detailing.
  • bespoke-car-styling-3 
    1000s OF COLOURS, FINISHES, TEXTURES & PATTERNS ... There are endless possibilities: gloss, matte, glossy metallic, matte metallic, brushed aluminium, carbon fibre, colour-shifting, light refecltive. You can even mix & match for added customisation!
  • bespoke-car-styling-2 
    We know how important your vehicle is to you, and vehicle wrapping can help to protect your paintwork from UV rays, contamination, chips or scratches.
  • Vehicle Graphic 60 
    Why not explore the possibilities of materials? This vehicle won Wrap of the Month by 3M for the transformation to matte black.  
  • Vehicle Graphic 57 
    Another mean-looking wrap by the team here at Signtech. This Mini Cooper features a two-toned matte metallic and black gloss combination.
  • Vehicle Graphic 56 
    Vehicle wrapping is an exciting process, but if you want something like this, where do you start? Firstly, gather inspiration, either by searching the net or popping in to Signtech. Secondly, let the Signtech team create a design that can be implemented to your vision. Thirdly, let our highly skilled 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers do the rest.  
  • Vehicle Graphics 55 
    Why paint when you can wrap? This vehicle is wrapped in supreme metallic blue and features bespoke red and carbon fibre detail. The choices are endless.
  • Vehicle Graphic 52 
    The best colour in the world is one that looks good when applied by the Signtech team. This Audi features 3MWrapsUK liquid copper.    
  • Vehicle Graphic 51 
    Stealth bike finished with satin black 3M detail.
  • Vehicle Graphic 39 
    A stunning transformation of this Lamborghini Aventador by the Signtech 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrap team … science fiction brought to life!