Accessories and POS

From back office to shop floor, Signtech supplies a wide range of accessories such as full colour displays, pin boards, snap frames, rubber stamps and more. Our Point of Sale services and products are tailored to meet your company needs.
  • Accessories and Pos 16 
    Bespoke freestanding literature displays, branded to your specification.
  • Accessories and Pos 15 
    A fast way to create displays is the use of easy access pockets and leaflet holders as displayed in this photo. For a full range call Signtech on 811029.
  • Accessories and POS 14 
    Dry wipe board are available in many sizes from 450 x 600mm to 1200 x 2440mm. We can even manufacture dry wipe boards in any finish to suit any surface.
  • Accessories and POS 13 
    This contemporary round edged looking Mini Scoll is available in sections to join multiple units together.
  • Accessories and POS 12 
    Pin boards are available in many sizes from 450 to 600mm to 1200 x 2400mm and available in a variety of colours - you could also add your company logo/branding.
  • Accessories and POS 11 
    As well as supplying essential signage, Signtech stock many items for the office, like these freestanding acrylic holders. Call us today as there are many options available.
  • Accessories and POS 10 
    Banners are a great and cost effective product to use for your Point of Sale.
  • Accessories and POS 9 
    Dichroic Film is a colour changing film and here are just some inspirational ideas on what you can do with the film.
  • Accessories and POS 8 
    Estate agent boards available in many sizes the most popular size 813 x 610mm ... a must for any business.
  • Accessories and POS 7 
    A special request for some unusual gift ideas. £1 notes trapped between acrylic. Looking smart.
  • Accessories POS 8 
    Signtech works across many different markets, which gives us the ability to transfer design ideas from one market to the next making your point of sale stand out.
  • Accessories POS 7 
    Shelving and product displays - many options available, like this single banner rail suspended on cables.
  • Accessories POS 6 
    Wall Mounted Way Finder Signage, to direct your customers in style.
  • Accessories POS 5 
    Leaflet Dispensers, wall mounted and free standing. A simple way to distribute literature.
  • Accessories POS 4 
    Product Placement signage, available in many formats.
  • Accessories POS 3 
    Hang your Point of Sale to maximise your space.
  • Accessories POS 2 
    Office and Door Signage, available in many formats.
  • Accessories POS 1 
    Customised Table Top signs, any size and any shape.