Why paint when you can wrap?

Why paint when you can wrap? … here are a few pros and cons, things to look out for and make sure of:

Car wrapping has become a very popular choice for private cars and businesses that want to promote their company.

So what are the pros:

• It’s reversible, so if you become tired of the same look you can have it removed.

• The paint work underneath is protected and when removed will keep the original factory colour.

• If you scratch your car or have a dent, a new panel can be wrapped easily maintaining the same colour.

• There is an endless range of material finishes such as carbon fibre, matt, brushed steel, satin and more.

• Vinyl wrapping not only protects your vehicle’s paintwork but also protects the re-sale value of the vehicle.

• The sky’s the limit …  you have the freedom to create your own design and access to a large range of materials allowing you to create a completely unique look for your vehicle.


And for the cons:

• There aren’t any! You’ll get a professional finish at a high standard and it’s hard to tell the difference between what is a painted or wrapped finish.

Make sure:

• You use certified specialists and that they are listed as certified vinyl wrappers on such sites as http://solutions.3m.co.uk/wps/portal/3M/en_GB/3M-/vehicle-wrapping/

• The materials chosen are from a well-known supplier and ask what they are using.

• The wrapping company has a heat controlled and dust free environment.

Look out for:

• Joins in the wrap – are they neat, tidy and discreet?

• Is the wrap free from scratches?

• Is there any distortion where the film has been over stretched?

To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Signtech team.