Say it. Shout it. Promote it. Brand it.



As the world changes the way it does business, the business models that survive are the ones that respond quickly and evolve effectively. Signtech has always strived to do this enabling it to push others forward on their journey.

Signtech’s core focus is to help customers promote, embellish, develop and advertise their brand by creating designs, print, signage, fascias, vehicle liveries and more… all with the aim of strengthening a company’s identity within the marketplace.

Brands need to be frequently revisited and updated to keep current and fresh in peoples’ minds, therefore Signtech are constantly revisiting their own brands to move with the ever-changing trends and shifts in the marketplace. Some of these shifts are forced from internal changes and others from external influences.




Signtech’s latest rebrand is in response to several factors. The world of signage is fast-paced and ever changing with the latest technologies offering options as diverse as full building wraps and touch screen digital displays. Internal investments in staffing and equipment reflect a sharper and quicker turnaround to meet demands and the creation of bespoke vehicle bays is a direct response to the growing demands for vehicle wrapping services (where your vehicle changes colour without the need to paint).

Key elements in this latest rebrand are the new logo and website. Fresh with new content, the site offers customers an insight into the world of signage and all its possibilities, showcasing all the latest signage solutions and products, with galleries of photos to motivate and inspire businesses of all sizes.

You only need to pop in and take a look around the 7500sq feet of offices and manufacturing areas to be amazed at the scale of works undertaken by Signtech and this is all reflected in the new website which also includes a shop floor tour.

Signtech are dedicated to providing the best service, product choice and information available to help customers achieve their goals and the new rebrand highlights this.

Whatever your business or product Signtech are here to help you ‘Say it, Shout it, Promote it, Brand it.’

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