New Year, New Signage & Top Tips


New year encourages us to look at things with fresh eyes. Now is the perfect time to prepare your business for the year ahead by reviewing and planning your business signage with help from Signtech.

Auditing your business signage on a regular basis is important for any company and can be an efficient means of elevating your brand image and driving business. Good signage reflects on you and your business and will make an impression on your customers.


Our Top 6 Signage Tips…


#1 Check

  • Choose a logical starting point
  • Check exterior and interior
  • Walk in your customers’ footsteps
  • Audit, take photos and make a list
  • Look at the signage from all angles
  • Check it during the day and at night


#2 Ask 

  • Are the exterior signs in good shape?
  • Are the way finder signs easily readable?
  • Are they communicating your message?
  • Is the signage in the best position?


#3 People watch

  • Watch your customers move
  • Watch potential customers move
  • Watch inside and out
  • Note the high and low traffic areas
  • How are they viewing your signage?
  • Are they noticing you?
  • Do they find it easy or confusing?


#4 Image/Message

  • People notice when things change
  • When was the last time you refreshed your signage?
  • Think about logos, colours and messages
  • Keep your brand in mind throughout your audit


#5 Compliance

  • Make sure your signage is compliant to local legislation
  • Bring safety signage up to date and carry out maintenance of existing signage
  • Have items been covered by insurance?
  • Are there any planning requirements?


#6 Plan

Now you have your information, you will need to choose the direction. You may be able to implement some of the changes yourself but if you want to make big changes that will make a difference, we are here to help from free consultations through to design, production, fitting and maintenance.


If you need guidance or if you need your signage checked, repaired, maintained or updated please do contact one of the Signtech team.

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