Look after your signage, protect your brand.

With storm Imogen bringing winds of over 80mph to the island last month, it’s important to review the safety of your signage. Did you know that for insurance purposes and landlord approval, maintenance is essential? Signtech offer a full maintenance service tailored to your needs and your budget:

1.     Small maintenance now avoids big issues later
Just as a yearly service prolongs the life of your car, regular sign maintenance can extend the lifespan of your signage and help prevent potentially hazardous situations. Our sign maintenance service includes regular site visits, thorough cleaning, replacement of faulty parts and the reporting of defects.


2.     Less expensive than you think
Signtech offers cost-effective packages tailored to your needs, whether it be a simple brass plaque or a full corporate fascia, be it inside or outside.

3.     Keep shiny and new
Your sign reflects your business and investing in quality signage sends an important message to your customers. Keeping it bright, lit and looking as new as the day it was installed helps boost the impact your business has on the outside world.

For more info contact Signtech on 01534 811029 or click on the following link www.signtech.je/products/maintenance/