Auditing Your Signage


After taking time off work, enjoying the festive season with all it has to offer and welcoming in a new decade, we now start the process of heading back to work.


The fact is, on that journey back to work we get accustomed to the environment we live in and we no longer take notice of our surroundings as we would have the first time. This is why signage can become causally forgotten about. In due time your signage will get dirty, colours will fade, lights will go out and damage will occur, all having a negative impression on your brand. This can lead to poor performance of sales as potential customers may lose faith as things become visibly untidy.


Auditing your business signage on a regular basis is important for any company and can be an efficient means of increasing not only your brand image but your bottom line. Good signage reflects on you and your business and will resonate with your customers.


1 – Audit

Choose a logical starting point to start the check from the exterior through to the interior and take the path your customers would walk. As you progress through the audit, take photos and list any items that may need attention, not forgetting to look at the signage from all angles, in the day but also at night, ensuring that your signage is readable and in good working order.


2 – Ask yourself the question

Are the exterior signs in good shape? Are the way finder signs easily readable? Are they correctly communicating your business message? Is the signage in the best position? Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s right.


3 – Take time to people watch

View your customers and potential clients move past and through your premises in both the high traffic and low traffic areas. How are they viewing your signage, are they noticing you and finding you easily or do they appear confused or even miss you.


4 – Image and message

People notice when things change. When was the last time you updated your logo and message, font or colour? Would this be the time to change and would this do the trick? Keep your brand and your signage in mind throughout your audit.


5 – Compliance

This is a good time to make sure all your signage is compliant to local legislation, from safety signage, to maintenance of existing signage, all the way through to items been covered by insurance and any planning requirements.


6 – Finally

Now you have your information, you will need to choose the direction. For example you may be able to implement changes yourselves or opt to get a sign company in with a structured quarterly or annual maintenance. You may decide now is the time for a change, using your audit as material to help you get to that decision.


At Signconsult a (division of Signtech) we are committed in creating effective signage that works. Whatever your business sector is, we are here to help and support you.


If you need guidance or if you need your signage checked, repaired, maintained or updated please do contact one of the Signtech team.


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